Friday, 21 December 2007

Hit or Miss?

I believe there's an old saying coined for starlets who land themselves on 'questionable fashion' lists more than once: 'Dress me bad once - shame on you, dress me bad twice - shame on me'. I'm sorry but, get yourself a new stylist, girl!
It's wonderful that Amy is taking risks, I admire her courage. But this is all wrong. She's pale so black usually wouldn't be a big problem, but she's chosen to wear her hair up which makes the whole thing look too sharp and takes away the potential warmth her skin colour could achieve in this outfit. The red lipstick clashes with her hair. And the bow...well do I really need to say it?
Unfortunately, for me, this is a definite miss. But what do you think? Did the Enchantress herself get it right? Or oh so wrong?

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Anonymous said...

Harsh, but fair! Am scrolling through your blog and having a good laugh - very insightful and entertaining!! Keep them coming Rom. CB

*Romany* said...

Thanks Cathy, glad you like it! :-)