Sunday, 23 December 2007

A scary new direction for Chloe

Chloe in my mind, much like their ads, has always been about flirty, floral dresses, beachy hair and lots of oranges, light browns, pastel pinks and whites, with a real nostalgic feel. The same with you? Well, get ready because Chloe has recruited a new creative director Paolo Melim Andersson (previously at Marni), and he's got a whole new idea of what Chloe should be about.
I was flipping through the new issue of NewWoman magazine, and came across a mini-interview with Mr. Andersson (lol) himself.

Describe the new Chloe woman...
She is smart, strong, confident and trusts her own judgment. She loves to break the rules.
Where has the new direction come from?
I wanted to get away from being 'flirty', because the Chloe girl is independent with her head screwed on straight.
What are the key looks for the new winter collection?
Tailoring is important; I wanted cleaner lines so the dresses land effortlessly.
What can we expect in seasons to come?
There's going to be a brand new era with less nostalgia and a less branded look.

So basically, the exact opposite of what the brand is loved for. Well, I suppose a little (or in this case, a big) change never hurt anyone. Right?



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