Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas Wishlist: Polaroid Camera

Dear Mr. Polaroid Camera,
All i want for Christmas

That's right the Polaroid One 600 Classic camera has topped my Christmas Wishlist this year. I don't even know if these kind are sold here in Australia, but I'm determined to own one before next year, or before term starts next year at the latest.
I believe that it's too early for 90s fashion to be coming back, but I never said anything about 90s technology. Lol. Remember back when the Spice Girls were the poster girls for Polaroid? They even released their own special Spice Polaroid camera! Sorry, got lost in memory lane for a second there. Well if the Spice Girls can make a comeback, so can Polaroid cameras! What's digital photography compared to instant, anyway?
Join the revolution. Lol.



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