Wednesday, 12 December 2007

High School Trendspotting: Short Shorts and Long Cardigans

Yay! Finally an FT that works my way, lol! I've worn this combination of clothing many a time this year, and loved every minute of it.
Used to seeing the usual Daisy Duke denim cut off short shorts? No wonder you're not enthusiastic about this trend (not that there's anything wrong with these, but denim Daisy Dukes have some, let's say, risqué associations). Get creative and interpret/alternate this trend to make it your own. I've mostly seen loose fabric short shorts (that are mighty short, rest assured) this year, but denim is always hot so don't get down if that's how you'd like it. Whatever floats your boat.
Now for my favourite part, the cardi. Being a woman of a somewhat curvaceous stature, I have many body parts that I like to cover up. Cardi's are my best friend, for that very reason, especially long ones. Light, breezy, laid-back: perfect for summer.
Clue for next FT post: sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.



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