Saturday, 8 December 2007

Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 Collection

Oh, Mr Lagerfeld how unpredictable you are!
Karl Lagerfeld and a gaggle of his most glamorous posse made their made to London this week to present a very special collection of luxury clothing, right between ready-to-wear and haute couture. At first, I kept asking myself why? Later, I realised why not? All the time is the right time for a fashion show. But the real reason is, I think, to cater for the smaller sized foreign women glamorizing the U.K. right now, looking for something luxe to drape themselves in. That's all I could get from's reasoning. Does that make me dumb? Oh well, that's life.
One word: black. Seriously, there was no confusion with this collection (grey area, ha get it?). Anyway, I was scared for a while there when it was being said that black tights and heels were out, that being one of my favourite ever outfit additions...but I wasn't buying that anyway.

My black observation still stands (but, as you can see, there was the odd splash of colour here and there). However, if it's a fashionable hyphenated adjective that you're looking for, punk-chic was this collection to a tee.

Even though, I'm not exactly loving these two outfits (the black one is my favourite of the two), I would love to be able to wear this kind of dress, just to say I could. But curves and puffy sleeves with a twist of exaggerated bubble-hem don't exactly equal hot.

Very chic collection. Ah, Mr Lagerfeld, you still got it.



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