Friday, 14 December 2007

High School Trendspotting: Lurex Metallic Stripe Scarves

There's nothing better than lurex to glam up an outfit. And in what better form than a scarf?
Ever since, say September-October these have been everywhere. But it's great, because they're gorgeous! I haven't had the time to pick one up for myself but I borrowed my friend's the other night at a party, and am not looking forward to giving it back. Lol.

It's really just an ordinary lightweight, white scarf with tassles, but the metalic stripe (sounds a bit NASCAR, doesn't it? Lol) really jazzes it up. This one above is from ASOS which is an online store, based in the UK. Here in Australia, people are mostly wearing their lurex scarves that they bought months ago, probably from Sportsgirl, but Dotti is still stocking them in peach and other colours; Just Jeans were stocking the white ones, with blue metallic stripes a few weeks back, but I haven't seen any since...Glassons are still stocking them in white, and other colours, also.
This yellow lurex scarf with metallic stripe above is Miss Selfridge. It's so pretty!
For those of you dealing with winter weather at present (lucky. It's way too hot over here), thick scarves (e.g. pashmina's for sophistication and style), are an excellent option to keep the scarf trend going.
Clue for next FT post: it's a long country road we walk down...



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