Saturday, 31 May 2008

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Don't worry. I'm aware that RAFW was at the end of LAST month, and yes it HAS taken me more than 4 weeks to cover it. It's a pretty lame excuse, I suppose, but in all honesty I haven't had time. Any fashion week coverage is time consuming, of which I'm sure all bloggers are painfully aware, no?
If it's unbelievably extensive RAFW coverage you're looking for, then head over to Style On Track (one of the best fashion blogs out there, as far as I'm concerned). I just thought after so long, I would only blog about my favourite looks from the fashion showcase.
"Follow your heart. As I've said before, it’s about looking forward and working really hard and not taking a moment to think about what’s impossible. You’ve just got to think about what’s possible and be proactive and push into making what you envisage and dream happen. Because I think if you do set your sights on a goal you get there. It’s amazing."
-- Michelle Jank.

"[the Jayson Brunsdon] woman is worldly, sophisticated and has a sense for cinematic drama."
-- Jayson Brunsdon

"Among the red-carpet-ready offerings of floor-scraping gowns (one print resembling crushed violets bringing an early whiff of spring) were sensible trousers perfectly tailored to display less sensible shoes. Ho’s legion of fans will be more than satisfied with a commercial collection sure to set registers ringing, which is familiar music to this designer’s ears."
-- Vogue AUS Damien Woolnough

AusNTM devotees shield your eyes! Unless you're not a fan of reality TV surprises (e.g. the revelation of the final contestants in a televised modelling contest), then stop reading now.
Of course, "the walkers" at RAFW aren't always a give-away when it comes to AusNTM, but judging from the way last year's turned out (Alice and Steph H both walked for Alex Perry, and coincidentally ended up being the final two), I'd say this is more an indication than anything else.
Alexandra wasn't in the Alex Perry show, but she did walk fro Wayne Cooper. Whether this means she IS in the finals but for whatever reason didn't walk for AP, or she was booted from the contest but Wayne Cooper liked her so much he wanted her in his show anyway...I guess we'll just have to find out.

Oh and please don't forget to cast you vote(s) in this month's poll on the right hand side of the page. I'm trying to get an idea of what readers think of my blog, so any feedback would be wonderful!



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Friday, 23 May 2008

The Dolly Perfumery

I guess it's just that time of year, isn't it? The time when bloggers feel the need to excuse themselves from posting duties for some time, whether it be days or weeks...sometimes months. Hiatus, is the word I believe. I don't like this word. It brings negative connotations as far as I'm concerned. I prefer vacation - that way, everybody benefits (or at least, the refreshing name means everybody thinks they benefit). Now, this isn't just a vocabulary lesson, there is a purpose for me bringing all this up. Exams are in two weeks (so is my birthday! Yay!) and hardcore studying is required, in order for me to pass - immunity from 'exam-ruining anxiety' has never come naturally to me, see. But by no means am I taking a hiatus or even a vacation. I'm just putting it out there that posts will be irregular. There will be a few, I hope, during these next few weeks because, like all bloggers, I just love blogging. Lol. But there must be a line drawn when it comes to schoolwork, I'm afraid.
Anyway, this doesn't mean we can't have a little fun now. I've been meaning to post this for ages so I'm very excited...
A couple of years ago, I was an avid Dolly magazine reader (think the Aussie version of ElleGirl, CosmoGirl, Seventeen etc...but a little less high-end than TeenVogue), and stumbled upon these two cute perfume-personality articles. I loved them both. I thought it was hilarious how they managed to match each perfume to a boy and a girl (you'll see what I mean). In the first article, they got about 20 perfumes and separated them into different teenage girl personalities (this was before 'emo' and 'alterna-punk' etc. hit the scene), and included descriptions of each so the readers could categorize themselves. And in the second article they gathered about 10 or 11 perfumes and separated them into which ones would attract which type of guy (very general and basic categories). I did the math and figured out which group of teenage girl perfumes would attract which group of boys. Of course I had to update the poster girls and boys for each category (Ashlee Simpson ain't exactly a rock chick no more, and I'm afraid Jeremy Sumpter no longer fills the walls of every teen girl's bedroom).
And the results are in...
Gypsy Chic
(click to enlarge)
  1. If you had enough cash, you'd buy shares in Tree of Life.
  2. You love your cowboy boots even more than your best friend.
  3. You can't wait to get your P plates so you can organise a road trip down the coast.
  4. Your favourite pig-out food is environmentally friendly organic chocolate and you're a committed vegetarian.
Is matched with...

The Sweet Boy
Chris Brown
Don't intimidate him! Sweet guys go for girls who smell nice -- not OTT. Look for a scent that says "I'm girlie" but doesn't scream cutesy. It's all about being feminine.

Rock 'n' Roll
(click to enlarge)
  1. You get ready for a big night out by blaring the Killers and Franz Ferdinand.
  2. You wish Paris Hilton would go back to wherever it is she came from and stay there.
  3. Your ideal date would be spent in the mosh pit at the Big Day Out.
  4. You think black is the new black.
Is matched with...

The Party Boy
Brody Jenner
A guy who's got loads of mates, loves to dance and knows how to dress? Sounds like heaven to us! If he's the life of the party, chances are he'll sniff out the outgoing girl who likes to have a good time. So shimmy into your best party frock, spritz yourself with a flirty floral scent, accessorize with your brightest smile and watch Mr Popular come running to the dance floor.

Girlie Glam
(click to enlarge)
  1. You couldn't live without a good lip gloss.
  2. You're not sure how you coped before The OC/Gossip Girl/Top Model started.
  3. You've had your formal dress planned for months...and it's not till next year!
  4. You think a party isn't a party without heels, sleek hair and Beyonce on the stereo.
Is matched with...

The Funny Boy
Shia LaBeouf
If he makes you laugh till your face hurts, he's a keeper. And chances are he'll look twice when you walk passed smelling all sweet and lovely. We just know Shia follows his nose...

Pretty Preppy
(click to enlarge)
  1. You're often heard asking, "Who wants to go on a picnic?"
  2. You understand the responsibilities that come with being house captain...on the debating team...and a prefect.
  3. Your cooking is so good, you'd give the canteen ladies a run for their money.
  4. Your wardrobe resembles a Polo Ralph Lauren catalogue.
Is matched with...

The Sporty Boy
Tom Brady
Think Gisele Bundchen snagged the footballer with her looks and talent alone? Nuh-uh...we recky she wowed him with an outdoorsy fragrance. You want a scent that says "I'm easy-going". Ah, love all!

All celebrities and personality descriptions appropriated for 2008 (those hot in 2005 are not all so hot 3 years later).
I laugh every time I read the descriptions - they're so obviously written by a teen girls' mag. Love it!
Which one are you?


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Friday, 16 May 2008

Paris: Le Grand Amour de Ma Vie

Yes, I regrettably admit that I've never been. But it's on the cards, I just know it.
Paris, the most beautiful city in the world (so those of us yet to see for ourselves are told), is full of surprises. Whether it be the Next Big Thing in art, fashion or music and film; a tennis champ who was always seen as the underdog; the construction of a now global, structural icon originally dubbed an "eyesore" (though some still see it that way); or, on a smaller scale, the just-stepped-from-a-photo-shoot gorgeous people strolling the streets of this romantic city.
Kamel, the photographer behind the beautiful street blog Style and the City, gives us the chance to see Paris au naturel. A source of inspiration for us all, I'm sure.
I've compiled a mini-collection called 'This month in Paris...'

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

On the topic of all-things-French, I saw a hilarious French film called Le Valet last night (preceded by a truly harrowing film, called Un Secret - it was very well-made, but be warned do not enter the cinema without a packet of tissues).
Le Valet
= definitely recommended.
À bientôt!


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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Let's Play Tag!

I've been tagged again. Twice in the same year, believe it or not. Lol.
But this TAG is different to this TAG I think. The rules seem simple enough, best just to copy and paste from the person who tagged you, except change the answers to your own.
Anyway, let's get on with the game, shall we?

5 things found in my purse:
1) Mobile phone
2) money purse
3) Mini beauty case
4) Resumés
5) Vouchers to my favourite shops

5 things in my room:
1) My bed
2) My laptop
3) My desk
4) A chest of drawers
5) A chair with thousands of clothes strewn all over over it

5 things I've always wanted to do
1) Get 100% on an exam
2) Go to London, Paris, New York or anywhere overseas
3) Be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Lol.
4) Go on a shopping spree with more than $500 to spend
5) Stick to a commitment

5 things I'm currently into now:
1) Australia's Next Top Model
2) Hot chips
3) Vogue Paris
4) My Tamara Henriques gumboots
5) The 16 Diaries (natch. Lol.)

5 impressions of Fashion Ivy (the person who tagged me)
1) Posts beautiful editorials
2) Has an eye for aesthetics
3) Good time management skills (always posts news as it happens)
4) Fan of Gossip Girl
5) A generally lovely girl

And now I'm going to tag
AUS style
Snake Bites
Mode et Utopie
Miss Whoever-you-are

Good luck everyone!


Friday, 9 May 2008

Best Dressed: The Costume Institute Gala

New York's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala. Or as puts it, The Oscars of the East. But judging by the award ceremony red carpet turnouts we've had so far this year, the fashion at the Costume Institute Gala has without a doubt surpassed that of the Oscars.
Overall Best Dressed
The Best Dressed Award title is split among many this year. No surprises, of course, that Anna Wintour's unbelievably fashion-forward daughter Bee Shaffer is among those that snagged the 'award'. This Nina Ricci gown is like a fantasy - in all sense of the word.

Julia Roberts always looks amazing, as far as I'm concerned. The best accessory? Her dazzling smile (cheesy, I know. Sorry). Emmy Rossum - what a dress! I am actually speechless when faced with the beauty of this dress. I hope it'll still be available when I get married (many years down the track)...Camilla Belle was on my Best Dressed List for last year, as well. I tell you, this girl is going to be something big in the fashion world someday...

Best Legs
These two Cocktail Queens (ooh - that sort of makes them sound more like alcoholics than fashionistas, really, doesn't it? Whoops.) took risks, and boy did they pay off. These two dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I would try and pick a favourite out of the two, but I'd probably spend a good few hours trying to decide (weighing the pros and cons of each dress, you know how it goes...).

Best Dressed Models
Coco Rocha's hair and makeup wins for the night (Anja was a bit too fake tan + peroxide blonde for that title), whereas Anja Rubik's dress is to die for. Together, they make the perfect combination, no? Gisele Bundchen wearing who else but the label she is currently the face of, Versace. It's an unbelievably revealing dress, but if anyone can get away with it, it's Gisele. Kate Moss chose well from the McCartney collection. She looks classy. But Stella herself showed up in a bit of an unfortunate satin-sack looking ensemble, of her own design.

Most Superhero-Looking
This was the theme after all, no?
Caroline Trentini = Vampire Girl meets Cat-Woman. Naomi Watts = Marylin Monroe meets Wonder Woman. Rachel Bilson = Ellastigirl (The Incredibles) meets 70s brunette vixen.

(Dis)Honourable Mentions
I hate doing Worst Dressed Lists. Which is why I don't include the Worst Dressed Stars in my compilations. Anna Wintour by no means looks bad; I'm simply surprised at such an unusual dress choice. But, if nothing else, she does look like a hell-of-a superhero! Like a weird and wonderful Ice Woman - yes that's it (so unoriginal, I know). A 5'10" supermodel paired with a cute little fashion designer (oh dear, that sounded really condescending, whoops). Hilarity ensues. But I do quite like Raquel's dress.

Another year down. Can't wait to find out next year's theme! I wonder who decides that kind of thing..?



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Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Importance of Pictures: couples...

A little while ago, I did a post on some of my favourite/scandalous paparazzi pics, and decided to dub the series The Importance of Pictures. Sure it sounds totally cheesy and pretentious because, let's face it, in the scheme of things, the photos were not exactly important...rather they were, entertaining as I like to put it. Anyway, many expressed interest towards the idea, and suggested I make this sort of thing ongoing. I took this into account and started noticing photos of celebrity couples (some fictional). They may not live up to the dictionary's definition of importance but they are intriguing and, well, as far as I'm concerned they're important in their own right.
Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt -- People magazine, June 2006
This was a monster of a photo shoot, success-wise. I suspect this issue sold more than usual for obvious reasons (being that these were Ange and Brad's first official photos taken with Shiloh for public viewing).
But this also solidified in my mind what Ange and Brad meant to each other (I was always one of the cynical ones when it came to this union). I get it now - they really do love each other. Whether that makes this important or not, I don't know, but all the same, it was a big moment for Angelina, Brad, Shiloh, People magazine and the general public.

Johnny Depp, Kate Moss -- Annie Leibovitz photograph, 1994
"That one was easy to do! Hotel room in New York, I was getting a shoot with him, she was there with us and I told her, What about a pic of you and him together? And she said, Yes. That is the image of passion, they were very, very in love, really." -- Annie Leibovitz.
Nudity aside, this is one of my favourite photos...ever. It's beautiful, and intimate, and downright sweet.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes -- 2005(?)
I am aware that we have some very strong anti-fans of Tom Cruise. But don't worry, I'm not here to say anything for or against the relationship. This is simply an observation. This one is definitely an important picture, and for this very reason: it shows just how much one can learn from a photograph. From this, we can tell a lot about the relationship - Tom is holding Katie and dipping her, while Katie is bending her knee and letting it happen. Even if this is not true to life anymore, this shows that back then at least, Tom held the pants in the relationship. He seemed to have made all the decisions etc, while Katie sat back and let it happen.

River Phoenix, Martha Plimpton -- 1989
This was the photo that sparked this whole idea. I was flipping through this months Russh magazine, and came across a story titled Rebel Girl, accompanied by this photo of Martha and River (among other photos). I found myself absolutely mesmerised (I know, so strange it seems like a simple enough photo, no?), and sought to find it on the internet as well some info on their relationship (I had no idea that these two were ever an item, but now they are one of my favourite past/present celebrity couples).
What drew me to it, I think, is simply the fact that it features River Phoenix. His story will continue to make me sad for him and his family for a long time - thus anything involving him that I stumble upon, not deliberately seek out, will stop me in my tracks. That is why this photo is important to me, even if it's not to anyone else in the world...

Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger -- Brokeback Mountain, 2005
Brokeback Mountain was one movie that needed to be made. It was a huge step forward towards gay general acceptance. Not only does this particular photo symbolise what the movie itself is all about, but it shows just how committed both Jake and Heath were to their roles - they look completely into each other.
This was the project that brought Heath and Jake together as friends, and even though Heath is no longer with us, the memory of this brilliant young actor will be forever solidified in the memories of the general public as the legacy of Brokeback Mountain lives on.

The pictures are different from the first series, but I think these are more thought/emotion-provoking. Are they important? Maybe not, but they all symbolise something. And in the end, that's important enough, no?



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