Saturday, 22 December 2007

For a perfect pout...

Unfortunately, I'm still at home with that head cold. And as we all know, one of the unfortunate side effects of a head cold (besides the obvious ones) is chapped lips. I hate chapped lips, almost as much as I hate my nose to be blocked. But never fear, I have the answer.
(left) Living Nature -- Lip Balm $18 (right) Jurlique --Lip Care Balm $30

Keeping with the tradition of not just organic, but harm and chemical-free, ever gentle beauty products, I decided I'd let you in on my secret: Jurlique by day, Living Nature by night.
Both lip balms are as close to 100% safe as you'll come, and both are made to combat chap. Lol.
If you're in need of some serious moisture, then give these two a go. Remember: Jurlique to be applied morning and afternoon; Living Nature to be applied nighttime right before bed. Reverse if you want, but don't alternate it could equal uneven moisturization (if that's even a problem for you).



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