Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Christmas Wishlist: Literary Feast

I remember when I first started this blog, I was lusting after the new Melissa de la Cruz book 'Crazy Hot', the 4th in 'The Au Pairs' series. Unfortunately, after 6 months, I still am. But, just like the Ralph Cool, this will be the year. 'Crazy Hot' isn't alone on my wishlist this year, however. Authors Sara Shepard and Zoey Dean have also caught my eye, of late...
Crazy Hot -- Melissa de la Cruz
It's been a year since the hottest au pairs ever saw the Hamptons, and they're certainly older -- though not necessarily wiser. Or drama-free.

Eliza, Jacqui, and Mara thought they'd be spending the summer apart, but when Eliza's new stepmother finds herself in need of some nannying help around the megamansion with the step-monsters, Eliza makes a call...and Jacqui and Mara wind up with two first-class tickets to the Hamptons.

The A-List -- Zoey Dean
Moving from Manhattan's elite world to "Hollyweird" presents Anna with quite a culture shock, but one that she's ready for. White gloves and tea give way to her drugged-out dad in the gazebo and a Hollywood celebrity's wedding where she is introduced to Ahi rolls. She discovers that all is not without controversy in LaLa land, and that beautiful girls are not always welcome in the inner circle, especially those who pick up the hunk whom all the insiders are lusting after.

Flawless -- Sara Shepard
In the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets, four pretty little liars—Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna—have been very bad girls. . . .Spencer stole her sister's boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya . . . as much more than a friend. And Hanna's obsession with looking flawless is literally making her sick. But the most horrible secret of all is something so scandalous it could destroy their perfect little lives.

And someone named "A" is threatening to do just that.

Like I said, this will be the year...
So tell me, what's on your Christmas Wishlist?



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