Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Movies To Watch At Christmas Time

Oh my gosh, it's exactly 2 weeks to go, everybody!
Everybody's favourite holiday is creeping up on us and I, for one, am stressing. I don't have half as much to do as all those legendary women cooking Christmas breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner, and yet I'm still feeling claustrophobic with how fast the weeks are going by. There's just not enough time! What to do when feelings like this are overwhelming your thoughts? Why not watch a good old comfort movie.
Now that it's Christmas, comfort movies are theme-restrictive (mostly). I, myself, haven't actually seen many Christmas themed movies, but those I have seen have landed themselves on my comfort movies list.
Here are my favourite movies to watch at Christmas time.

The Santa Clause

Wow, it really doesn't get much better than this, as far as Christmas movies are concerned. A wonderfully original idea (the main character accidentally 'kills' Santa and must takes his place as part of the Santa 'Clause'...haha), complimented by couldn't-be-more-perfect-for-the-character Tim Allen and Eric Lloyd as his adorable son. When I think of Christmas, this movie starts playing in my mind...Love it.

Home Alone 1 & 2
To be honest, I prefer Home Alone 2, but number 1 was the original so it's a must-watch anyway. Home Alone 2 is perfect. The music, the setting (ah, New York...), the actors, the story...There's not really much else I can say, except those who haven't seen this one (see Home Alone 1 first), you are missing out, definitely give it a go.

The Holiday
This movie only came out last year, so it hasn't quite acquired a position on many people's Favourite Xmas Movie lists, but don't worry, it will. You're probably thinking, 'house swapping, been there done that', but it's so much more than that. It's about love, family, supporting yourself and your loved ones and being true to who you really are. Painfully sweet, at times, with some delightful eye candy (oh, Jude Law...), the Holiday has it all.

Love Actually
Ok, I want to keep this short, because I could go on about how perfect and sweet and most of all true to life this movie is and how much I love it, forever. An intriguing look at the relationships of 8 (I'm pretty sure it's 8) different character's, around Christmas time. Is there any better way to spread love and warmth than by making an inspirational movie like Love Actually (with regards to film, at least)? I love this movie, and more importantly its message, and always will...

There you have it, my favourite Christmas movies.
What are your favourite movies to watch at Christmas time?



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