Saturday, 22 December 2007

High School Trendspotting: GUESS? bags

Ok, so this FT has reached a further demographic than my high school 'trendies', but it's still an FT (not to mention, my favourite FT) so I'm going to write about it anyway. Lol.
As the days go by, more and more GUESS? by Marciano bags have been gracing my presence. Not on my shoulder, unfortunately, but on the shoulders of others.
Tribeca Frame Satchel for glamour

I work in customer service, which means I get to see what everyone's carrying, and believe me I see at least 4 or 5 GUESS? bags come in and out of my work in a 4 hour shift. At least I have something nice to look at as the hours go by. Lol.

Queen Small Hobo for fun

My advice? If you haven't already got yourself a GUESS? bag (or, say...4) then definitely give it a go. Some people think following fashion trends is weak...these people have obviously never owned a a bag by Marciano.
Clue for next FT post: fun in the sun...



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