Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Can't wait for...'Crazy Hot"!

'The Au Pairs', by Melissa De La Cruz. The book series I've been loving (not as much as Harry Potter, though, of course) since I first opened book 1 a few years back. Now it's already time for book 4. It's crazy. Or should I say say crazy hot? Sorry, that was lame lol.
It started out with the three main characters, Eliza, Jacqui and Mara bunking up with an uber-rich family, the Perry's, in the Hamptons for the summer. The only catch is that they're supposed to be au pairs, which in the Hamptons is pretty much social suicide (thanks 'Mean Girls', lol ;-). Au pairs to 4 spoilt brat kids. As the summer progress, so do their relationships, with eachother, with the Perry bunch, and with rest of the Hamptons crowd.
Book 2, 'Skinny Dipping', sees one change: Eliza is no longer an au pair, but instead becomes the door-bitch to the hottest new club in the Hamptons which takes her right where she wants to be: the top of the social ladder, again. While Mara uncharacteristically party hops, her on-off relationship with the oldest Perry kid, Ryan, is facing new tests: his name is Garrett Reynolds and he's practically dripping with money. Jacqui finds herself in the middle of strange flirtations, and also finds that she's the only one doing her job.
Book 3, Sun-Kissed, resembles the pages of the Devil Wears Prada at times, but doesn't fail to deliver. Eliza is working for a has-been fashion designer vying for a comeback; Jacqui is Anna Perry's (the children's stepmother) best friend; and Mara shows the Hamptons her sharp tongue when she becomes a gossip columnist.
And now it's time for the latest installment Crazy Hot. I'm so excited and can't wait to get my hands on this one! They've all been really, really enjoyable so far, and I'm hoping this one will be no exception. As for the others, I highly recommend these books for a fun, easy, shallow (although, depth is not non-existent in this series) read.
Seriously, check them out. :-)



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