Friday, 18 January 2008

Fresh as a Daisy

Yes, I admit it. Besides today's Quote of the Week post, it has been 11 whole days since I've posted! Isn't that disgraceful? My last prolonged absence was due to exams, but this time it's because I simply haven't had time. I'm currently on holidays - am I the only one who thought holidays are supposed to be about resting and catching up on doing the things you loved most? I must be, because this last week especially, I haven't had a spare minute to breathe, I've been so busy. Hopefully next week will be smoother sailing.

One of my time consuming activities of this last week was a much-needed (and long-planned-for) clothes hunting trip, aka shopping! Lol. It was one of my more fun reasons for being away from the computer. So the trip wasn't as successful as anticipated, but I did make one good investment. It's called Daisy, by Marc Jacobs.
As my quest for a signature scent continues, I'm confident the search has maybe come to an end? I didn't immediately love Daisy (unlike Ralph Cool, by Ralph Lauren - which I patch tested and was devastated when I found that my sensitive skin reacts to it. Isn't life funny?), and in a way I think that was a good thing. I tried it on, gave it a couple of hours to settle, and voila! - I'm now addicted. Lol.
In my eyes, the ultimate compliment is to hear "Mm, you smell nice." (Why, you ask? I once read an article about a man who loved fragrances - and who also couldn't fall in love with a woman if he didn't like the way she smelled. As far as I'm concerned, scent is everything). Well, I've spritzed Daisy twice, and received this compliment twice. Coincidence? I think not.
It's $80AUD for 50mL. This may sound excessive, but believe me, it's worth it. Well, worth it if you're a fan of the floral, feminine and subtle-when-not-used-in-excess type of fragrance.
In one sentence, Daisy, by Marc Jacobs is sunshine in a bottle.



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