Monday, 28 January 2008

Off to the beach, we go...

And so, the holidays have come to end. But before I pack my schoolbag (it's more stylish than it sounds - I made sure of that. Lol) for another year, I'm off to the beach with my family.
Now, I have a few problems with this.
Don't get me wrong, the beach is as fun as a Christmas sale at David Jones, but this is assuming one is in possession of appropriate beach wear - i.e. a cute bathing suit. As hard as I try to avoid this, I'm afraid the bathing suit is destined to be my mortal enemy for the rest of my life. Not only because of self-consciousness (come on, we all get it every once in a while), but because I never seem to find that one that really fits. I'll find an awesome fitting bikini, declare it my best friend for the rest of the summer, try it on again a few months later and find myself uttering the words it's a bit too tight around the front...
Why is this, you ask? I have no idea, boobs just grow when they want, I guess. Either that or my body is determined for me to be chronically depressed, to the point where I stay inside for the rest of my life..?
Anyway, because of this, I have to rely on actual clothes to impress people at the beach. My ideal beach outfit would look something like this:
But for the same reason I've been a bit sluggish about blogging, I simply haven't had time to go out and find myself the perfect pair of denim shorts - the summer staple of 2008. But no matter, I've never had a problem making do with what I've got when it comes to fashion, lol. The questions is, when I do have time, what kind should I get? The high-as-the-sky waist has slowly made it's way back into fashion, it seems.

Trust me, these denim high-waisted shorts are white hot right now. But somehow I just don't think they'd suit my figure (wide hips, see). If, like me, you've got a fairly round behind that has trouble fitting into certain styles of denim, then there's one thing you must always look for when buying denim - back pockets. If shorts or jeans don't have back pockets, they can make your bum look a strange shape. The pockets work as a shaper, giving your bum a rounder, perter generally more attractive look. Lol.

Yes these are much more my style. I'm worried that the lighter colour could wash out my fair skin, but sometimes it has the opposite effect which is very encouraging.
Now all I have to do is find a cute pair of metallic sandals to match. So hot, no? Lol.

Sorry, but I'm going to be M.I.A. for the next 3 or days. I'll do another post as soon as I come home, though. Perhaps I'll write about the sea of man candy there's sure to be down at Lorne. Jealous? Thought so. Lol.



[photos courtesy of and]


Secretista said...

love the shorts! too bad its winter and cold outside ;[.

Amy said...

cuute blog! im actually from new zealand haha :)

Romany said...

Who says shorts are just for summer, eh? ;)

emodelsil1 said...

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Kira Fashion said...

You have great looks here, i am huge fan of minogue...she is really cute!

a kiss

add me to your FF
i am doing the same :)

it´s summer there, here is summer too! let´s enjoy!

Wendy said...

Its always so hard for me to find pants because my hips are pretty wide. Those high-waisted shorts are awesome so I might just have to try out that style.

Romany said...

Oh I know, having wide hips is such a drag sometimes...thank god for high-waisted, right? :)
Kira: I love Kylie, especially her new song! Oh wow thanks - and I just added you to my faves! :)