Sunday, 6 January 2008

High School Trendspotting: Havaianas Thongs

Well. I'd coin these 'the mother off all fashion trends', but, see, Havaianas are internationally more than a fashion trend. They're...a lifestyle, really.
They go with everything. If you thinking ok, this outfit is way too dressy - slip on your Havaianas and it instantly makes your look cool and casual.
I bought mine years ago, and unfortunately a few sizes too big. So naturally, they're not the most comfortable thongs around. This would probably explain why I don't wear mine religiously like everyone else (boo hoo, right?). So needless to say, I need some new ones. All the new styles are way too out-there for my liking, though. Oh, I'll figure something out, I'm sure.
They're quite cheap (price-wise, obviously. Amazing quality). I'm not 100% on prices, though, if you're looking into buying a pair. I recommend buying a few pairs. One original. One metallic. And one really out-there pair.
They're so fun! So hit the beach and let's go! Lol.



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