Friday, 4 January 2008

McQueen! Somebody Fetch McQueen!

Wow I totally just played 6 degrees - solo. The fashion version!
It all started while I was perusing the pages of the trashy gossip blogs, and came across a few stories about Britney Spears being hospitalized (check that story out here). But I couldn't really get the general gist of the story so I thought always has the best coverage, so naturally I diverted to said website and read through the sad story (which has just gotten worse - Brit lost all visitation rights of her boys. Poor girl). So I started browsing the general People website and ended up on the Fashion Face-Off page. Long story short, I came across a picture of Jessica Alba wearing a truly divine green Alexander McQueen gown. So it got me thinking, all this time starlets have been draping themselves in Alexander McQueen creations and I've never even taken the time to check out his stuff. Well...I did. And I have to tell you, I'm loving it. His official website maintainers seem to be under the impression that his Autumn 2007 collection is his current collection (Spring 2008 is the latest), but this is ok because if it weren't for their mistake, then I never would have come across one of my favourite designer outfits...ever.

It's a new favourite, I just found it today, obviously, but so far so good. I doubt there's a store here in Australia, so to be honest I have no idea how I'd purchase something like this. But that would definitely be exciting wouldn't it? By this, I mean a cream merino wool hooded top; burgundy wool/cashmere hooded cape; burgundy pleated leather mini skirt with gold studs; burgundy leather belt with studs and...
...a burgundy leather ankle zip up boot - to be precise.
Don't you just love it?

Tell me about your favourite Alexander McQueen creation (if it's not this one. Lol)



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