Saturday, 26 January 2008

What's Her Best Look? have just included Ashlee in their "What's Their Best Look?" section, comparing her recently dyed-red hair to her long blonde hair. After viewing it, I thought to myself, their are quite a few more looks that Ashlee has tried out than these two. So I thought I'd compile a list of pictures to see when everybody else thinks she looks her best.
June 2003 - blonde.
Ashlee was the epitome of All-American back then.

2004 - black.
Ashlee clearly wanted to differentiate herself from her sister. Mission accomplished: Ash was seen as the rebellious, edgier sister, whereas Jess remained the bubblegum blonde bombshell.

May 2005 - auburn.
Ashlee tried out a new, softer look. But unfortunately, this colour just wouldn't work without the fake tan to support it.

July 2006.
Not only had Ashlee returned to her signature long, blonde locks, but she was also debuting a much skinnier frame. This sparked a lot of controversy, with a lot of gossip mags claiming Ash was "anorexic".

September 2007 - blonde.
I, personally, think that this was Ashlee's best look. Long, wavy blonde hair, no longer skeletal and finely-tuned fashion-skills make for a killer combination.

January 2008 - deep red.
If Sept. 2007 was Ashlee's best look, then this is her second best. This colour makes her look amazingly natural, yet fashionably edgy at the same time.

So, what do you think? What's Her Best Look? Lol.



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