Thursday, 24 January 2008

Spring 2008 Couture Day 3

Oh thank god, I am definitely loving S/S 08 Haute Couture!
Day 3 was the turning point for me, this year. Ok, so back at Paris Ready-to-Wear, I decided to play a little game: describe the collection (or the particular outfit pictured) in 8 words of less. And now, I feel it's right to bring this game back to life...
Cupcake! But a very stylish cupcake, of course.

Incomparable elegance time and time again.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Under the sea! Mermaids and umbrellas...creative genius.

Elie Saab
Inspiration: 'Diamonds are Forever'...

Delivery: too beautiful for words. Sunglasses necessary. Lol.

Here comes the bride..The search is over.

Yes, I think I made it. Day 3 saw some interesting developments - Valentino's final curtain call (surrounded by models wearing gowns in signature 'Valentino Red'); an exclusive (appoinment only, apparently) and elegant, yet small, Versace gown collection; catch of the day: Jean Paul Gaultier's fashionably nautical adventure; and a sparkling achievement from Elie Saab.
Love it.



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Rachel said...

Oh wow these are beautiful dresses, i would kill for one of these :)

Wendy said...

I love all three collections! Gaultier has such a dark elegance.

Romany said...

A dark, that's actually a great way of putting it.
It's perfect, it suits his name so well.
It should be every girl's mission to own a haute couture gown one day, no? :)

emodelsil1 said...

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