Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wardrobe Envy: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl seems to have garnered herself somewhat style icon status, of late. For good reason, too. She can accessorize at the drop of a hat (assuming she doesn't hire a stylist for street-outfits), and even if her outfit doesn't work, her smile really does brighten even the most drab outfits.
I'm loving this outfit - it just screams Sex and the City (for some reason?). My only hang-up would be the handbag - it's just not my personal style, that's all.
I'm hearing talk that black tights and boots (or *gasp* black tights in general) are on their way out - bad for me, it's my favourite trend ever - so it's good to see even celebrities are fighting for this trend to stay in.



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Deanna said...

noooo! i will be so sad if black tights are deemed to be "out"

one of my favorite trends too - especially paired with some great boots. i don't care - i'm going to wear them as long as the weather permits - "in" or not!!

love the blog btw!!!


Romany said...

Thanks so much! :)
Oh I know, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't wear my black tights anymore...
I'm with you -let's wear them anyway, lol!

Anonymous said...

i have relegated all of my Black opaque Tights to the charity shop recyling bin...60 denier's/ 120 denier's..all 25 pairs of them collecting dust in the bottom of my im free of them....p.s Notice "Kate Moss" "Sienna Miller" "olsen Twins" you no longer ever see any of them in there opaque Black Tights. xxx colleen