Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Spring 2008 Couture Day 2

Oh dear, we're half-way through S/S 08 Haute Couture week. I think ending this week will be sadder than usual, especially considering Valentino is handing over the reigns to former Gucci designer Alessandra Facchinetti, after all these years. Ladies, tissues at the ready...
I was really impressed by most of this collection. But I'm guessing that my only problem was that I'm not used to seeing such fashions under Haute Couture. As a Dior fan, haute couture to me means OTT and impracticality - this collection was a real turning point for Chanel, but I still just can't shake the feeling that I wouldn't feel so conflicted if it was Ready-to-Wear. Isn't that weird?
Supposedly, this collection was all about the Chanel jacket. Whether it be tweed, shapely, equestrian-inspired, satin (etc), the jacket is an undeniable timeless classic. Oh and I heard that there was actually a giant wooden Chanel jacket, painted to look like concrete, as a prop at the show. Love it.

There was something odd about the way the models were posing. Some had one arm way out to their side, others standing like mannequins. Perhaps it had something to do with the lack of high-heels at this particular show? Either way, the flats they replaced them with were extremely cute, and downright chic.

Sorry, but I was pretty disappointed by this collection. I'm usually a Givenchy fan, but this time, it just wasn't my style. There was a lot of masculine-inspiration (suits, etc), and that doesn't really do much for me. I am in love with this particular dress, though. And those shoes are just incredible.

Christian Lacroix
I usually have nothing but praise for Christian Lacroix -- but from a far, this collection seemed to be just a jumble of colours and ruffles. But on closer inspection, I started to appreciate the real beauty of his clothes - they're intricately designed, and obviously sewn with the greatest of consideration. This gives even the harshest looking outfits a delicate touch. It's this kind of energy that always sets Lacroix apart from the rest.

I only write about collections I like, as I have made clear. I may be a bit critical about some, sometimes, but only because I'm surprised I don't like them more. I try my very best to post pictures of looks from collections that I like, even if I don't particularly fancy the collection as a whole.
Sorry, I would just hate to come across as mean, because that's not my intention.



[photos courtesy of style.com]


wozog said...

I read a couple of your blogs....I want my 2 minutes back!! But I can't stop reading...I will be back....I guess You should watch America's Next Top Model...I am not gay

coco said...

I love the chanel collection
I can't believe they came out of a giant jacket
it's fashion at its funniest!

Romany said...

Oh i know! Trust Karl Lagerfeld to think of something like that.