Sunday, 11 November 2007

Christmas Wishlist: Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren

I find that making lists calms my mind. I figure, if I've got something to remember I may as well write it down (in list form, natch) therefore I can clear it from my mind without worry.
So come Christmas time, my mind is filled with so many material desires (sorry, but I can't help being superficial presents-wise) that I simply must make a list. So I've decided to share my desires to realms past my immediate family, just in case anyone is feeling the same way. An electronic list is far easier to keep track of than a piece of paper, after all.

As I've previously mentioned, I absolutely adore this fragrance. Including perfumes which don't actually belong to me, but I use them anyway, as well as my own measly personal stash, Ralph Cool is the only one I've actually lusted after. For the past few years, this particular item has been consistently topping my Christmas lists and yet I still haven't got it (wow, how bratty does that sound? Lol). Don't worry, though, this will be the year I can proudly say I own Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren.
I'll make sure of it. Lol.



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