Monday, 21 January 2008

Chloé 2008 - not so scary

As you may remember, I was a little worried about Chloé's new creative director Paolo Melim Andersson taking the brand to a whole new level (yes a change is often good, but not when one takes away everything a brand is loved for). And for his first two runway shows, it seems that he was exceeding even his own expectations - but his pre-fall collection is a lot softer, thank god. I'm not sure what made him change his mind, and his inspiration, but whatever it was (whether it's here to stay, or just a one-off), it's a welcome stroll down memory lane. Lol.
I'm really loving, not only the actual pieces themselves, but the overall styling is just genius.
Purple tights seem to be a staple for this collection. Love the scarf, the coat, the tights - love, love, love the boots.

See what I mean? Genius, just genius...

I haven't really been covering pre-fall much because there aren't a lot of looks in each collection. But I've been looking through them, and like normal have only been writing about the one's I really like. But after watching The Secret World of Haute Couture yesterday, these collections have some big shoes to fill...



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A.N said...

Nice post and great finds (:
I'll link your blog shortly!
I love the scarfs too!

Romany said...

Thanks so much! :-)