Thursday, 3 January 2008

No wonder Lily Allen was so surprised

"People are having kids too young and nothing is being done about it."

This was obviously before she found out that she fell under this category.

"I want to have a child. If I was in the right relationship, I'd like to have child in about two or three years' time.
I’d like to be a young mother, although not too young, and I’d like to be able to live in a nice place that’s got a good catchment area for the schools.
And that's all I care about. That's all you need."

And the drinking...?

"I’ve actually gotten really into drinking in the daytime now. [Laughs.] No, I went up to the Cotswolds and had a pint at 11.30am. You know, I stuck my Barbour on and walked down to the pub. There was no one there. Just me. I sat outside in the garden reading the paper with my pint. It’s such a good lifestyle."

Hopefully she realised that kind of lifestyle doesn't really go hand in hand with pregnancy. I have faith in her. I think she's going to be a good mum.



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