Thursday, 24 January 2008

Spring 2008 Couture: Valentino

Sigh...And so Mr. Valentino Garavani's 45 year fashion reign comes to a close. But boy did he go out with a bang!
What I love about Valentino (aside from his gorgeous fashions) is his attitude to his success. This being his last show, one would assume that an OTT 'goodbye' is in order. But not for Valentino... he said goodbye, but not so much through words - through his haute couture.
It's easy (and, I have to say, understandable) for designer's heads to swell to the level of their success, but Valentino has remained admirably humble throughout his 45 years of designing, and as he demonstrates here, shows us that it's all about the clothes in his eyes.
And now to said clothes - Oh my gosh, what a classy array of colour! Whether it be...
...shades of yellow. Valentino's signature skirt suits made an appearance. This middle dress is one of the most intricate and stunning pieces of design I've seen in a long time. The gown on the far right isn't really my cup of tea, but the combination of lavender and and pastel yellow reminds me of some pieces from Valentino's last Ready-to-Wear collection.

...white. All these looks represent a different era of fashion. Bold shoulders, empire waistline and knee length hemline - very 1940s inspired. I can't quite pick the era of the middle dress (50s, maybe?), but it's cute none-the-less. And the far right just screams 80s with a classy, modern and jewel-encrusted twist.

As beautiful as this dress on the left is, the bow-belt really makes it. I really can't wait to see this one on the red carpet. (middle) This one, I think, is strategically designed to give contours, where there were none before. The unforgiving nipped-in waist could give any woman hips, no matter how shapeless she may be. (right) This gown was probably my favourite of the entire collection. This is tier-ing at its best. As with most of these, I can't wait to see this on the red carpet, accessorized with a cute clutch, shimmery necklace and either long flowy curls or a sleek up-do (whatever floats your boat, really).

And so, Mr Valentino Garavani, I bid you your final adieu. Get ready for your second standing ovation...



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