Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hit or Miss?

You know I usually don't like to comment on celebrities' street style, because who am I to judge what they wear in their personal time? But I'm not judging Mischa's outfit, I'm just questioning it, really. I'm confused. A few years ago, not even that long ago, she was a style icon. What happened? Perhaps it's the fired-the-stylist case? Maybe this is is just the real Mischa? Either way, just wanted to know what everyone thought.
What do you think? Did the obviously-former-style-icon get it right? Or oh so wrong?

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discothequechic said...


I have been scratching my head in disbelief at where Mischa has been heading for a while now.

Two thumbs down from me.

And she was looking so great with the dark hair..

Kira Fashion said...


I used to love her style too, but now i don´t like anymore, she lost her glow...

i am from south america, brazil...we have almost the same weather, because of the geografic area. I agree with you, winter is so much better for fashion and classy...

a kiss,

love all the amazing looks from NY Fashion Week, oscar de la renta is really the best so far :)

more kisses

Romany said...

Yes, I was quite excited when she dyed her hair, too - i thought it would be a welcome change. But you're right, things have just gone downhill. And she dyed her hair a colour that washes her out.

You're right, Kira, she has definitely lost her glow, now that I think about it...Oh South America I'm soo jealous! What a beautiful place! :)

ellastica said...

that's funny. this is on outfit of hers that doesn't make me wanna puke.
she usually goes for those really garish costumey, overtly retro ''i walked off the set of 'That 70s Show'' dresses that do nothing for her enviable figure.
at least here the colors are somewhat pleasing on the eyes!

Romany said...

ellastica: You're right - she does seem to wear clothes like that.
I wonder if this is really her style, or if she's trying to become one of those purposefully quirky dressing girls?
Either way, I still like her. I'd just like to knock some sense into her, lol!

Anonymous said...



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