Saturday, 2 February 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Day 2

If the first two days of NY Fashion Week are anything to go by, as far as Fall 2008 is concerned - black is the new black. Of course, black has always been an immensely popular colour fashion -wise, but I have to admit I was a tiny bit overwhelmed at the intensity of these collections. It's not something that I'm so concerned about, and thinking about it over now, it's hardly surprising, actually, considering it's autumn/winter fashion.
BCBG Max Azria
Yes, I've always very much liked BCBG Max Azria. Never disappoints, really. This was a very simple collection, using a palette of mainly cremes, blacks and shades of blue. Some would probably claim this to be too safe, but that rarely worries me. Gosh, Chanel Iman (right) really has the most intense runway stare, doesn't she?

Designers for Fall 08 are really relying on belts aren't they? A lot of the collections so far have featured they're own version. I think it's clear what this means -belts are here to stay.
I really love this silky charcoal/blue dress on the right. I can see it being worn by the likes of Mischa Barton, or even Ashlee Simpson.

Erin Fetheston
I'm not very big Erin Fetheston fan. And I hate to say it, but this collection didn't wow me, as usual. I do really like this particular look, though. It's a cute blend of summer (floral dress) and winter (coat, scarf, tights) at the same time.

Nicole Miller
Everytime I think of Nicole Miller, I automatically think of Seinfeld. Isn't that weird?
Anyway, I don't usually pay much attention to Nicole Miller (too distracted by Dior, probably, lol), but this collection was quite nice. I'm loving the pullovers on the left and middle models (especially the yellow. Oh, if only...), and the knitted beret on the right model is just to die for. The rest wasn't really my cup of tea, though.
Sorry, I can't write anything more, I'm missing the new series of The Biggest Loser. It started 10 minutes ago!



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Bianca said...

You have such a great blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Would u like to link

coco said...

BCBG has been one of my fave collections so far!

jadorevogue said...

love your picks. BCBG max azria was really great and wearable. i actually liked the belts, i somehow think they finish each outfit.

Romany said...

Bianca: sure I'd love to! - just added your site to my favourites. :)

Coco & jadore: I agree, BCBG always have lovely collections.
Oh I agree, The belts are a nice finishing touch, aren't they. :)