Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Day 6

The end is drawing ever closer. For NY Fashion Week, at least. But don't worry, fashion week lovers, there are still 3 more cities of impeccable style to praise.
Day 6 was an up and down day for fashion. Some collections were the best I've ever seen. Some the opposite (oh, isn't that awful?). I deliberately tried to choose as less pictures as I could, with the excepetion of Monique and B&M, because (as per usual, this year) I'm quite tight for time.
Monique Lhullier
Honestly, did anyone view this collection and not fall in love with it. I'm usually not a fan of Monique's Ready-to-Wear (whereas, her bridal creations are some of the most gorgeous things to grace the Earth), but this was a whole new side of her talent that I haven't seen. The colours, the jewels, the hairstyles (I'm not crazy for the makeup, but hey, that's a whole other post), and of course the clothes, namely the evening gowns - it was perfect.

I've always thought of Rodarte as a very feminine brand (correct me if I'm wrong), with a somewhat Gothic twist. Well this collection was no exception, just replace the Gothic twist with an element of fairy-like delicacy. Keeping with a palette of a mostly pastel colours, it was very soft on the eye, and the materials look like they're so light they would just float. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Badgley Mischka
See this is why I don't understand why some weren't so crazy about Teri Hatcher's SAG dress. Badgley and Mischka. Are. Fashion. Geniuses. It's that simple, really. Lol, whoops how patronising did that sound?
I loved everything about this collection - these top three outfits, in particular. It's chic-street-style at it's best. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on some of that.

My only hang up was that the evening gowns were less than impressive this time around. But hey, floor length just wasn't they're strength this season, there's nothing wrong with that at all. Lurex striped dresses (left), who would have thought of something so genius? Badgley and Mischka, of course.
Loving the big hats. Told you they'd catch on. Lol.

J. Mendel
This collection was a bit meh. Loved this look, though. I can see Angelina Jolie wearing this.

Karen Walker
I've always really liked Karen Walker's fashions. She's got this quirkiness, that's just so original and non-pretentious, I just can't help but love her. This season was no exception - Karen moved away from 70s/80s inspiration and replaced her big-on-yellow palette with a more varied combination of colours. It was very naval, to say the least. Gotta love that.

Marc by Marc
I love Marc Jacobs. I will defend him with my life. But I didn't like this collection. This outfit was the only one I even remotely liked, and even having said that, I'm not that crazy about it. Actually, yes I do like the outfit, it's just the model's expression and the fact that the flashbulb has made her look as white as a ghost that's annoying me.
I can't wait for the main Marc Jacobs collection to be presented tomorrow. It's supposed to be a huge deal...



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Anonymous said...

Nice collections! I vote for Badgley Mischka and Marc Jacobs.

coco said...

I haven't looked at Marc's collection yet so I am interested now....
I'm going to go have a look on

Romany said...

Yes they're quite nice aren't they? :)
Coco: do let me know what you think of MJ. I'm interested in whether others don't really like it, or whether I'm just crazy, lol.