Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Day 4

Ok. This is gonna be a big one.
I think that the collections of Day 4 are the standout favourites, in my opinion. There was such variation - which is good and bad. Good because variation is always welcome, it makes things more interesting, especially if one doesn't particularly enjoy a specific collection, they know they can depend on the variation of the others. Bad because it makes trendspotting difficult. I have noticed a few trends though (they're fairly obvious, nothing groundbreaking) - belts and black tights are still very much in fashion (thank god); body con is hot once more (thanks to Max Azria - gym owners all over the world will be forever in his debt, lol); and it seems fifties poodle-type skirts (a much subtler version, of course) have popped up here and there this week.
This was a very nice collection. Varied in styles, not so much in colour, though - grey and blue were very prominent. I'm loving this metallic midnight blue dress on the right. It's so MTV Movie/Music Awards.

Love, love, love this look on the left. I think, subconsciously, my eyes immediately dart to outfits featuring some kind of grey pullover. The contrast in silk material and what looks like cotton is really effective. I also like the right look - but the neckline could be cut lower. I find that neck-necklines (cut right at the bottom of one's neck) are unflattering on everyone.

Tracy Reese
I hadn't even heard of Tracy Reese up until last seasons Ready-to-Wear, but now I love her. I was definitively impressed by almost every outfit at this show. Love the dress in the middle, but I somehow think it would look better with bare legs. And, of course, the white jumper on the right. I have such a specific style, don't I?

Stripes are always classy, so it's always nice to see them in colours other than black and white (even though I love that). Pastel blue and light brown are a cute combination, and this top has been styled amazingly well with the trench, tights and boots (not the skirt, though -don't like the skirt). The red dress...Oh, just lovely. I can definitely see Cate Blanchett wearing this, perhaps to the Oscar's?

Donna Karan is famed for her casually chic clothes, and ability to create outfits that resemble 'power dressing' - for women, of course. It's this ability that maintains her consistently at the top of her game, and keeps everyone coming back for more. I would die if I had that cute, little brown dotted dress.

These two are just gorgeous. Summer and winter - together at last on the left. The epitome of Parisian or even Manhattan chic on the right.

Herve Léger
Do I really need to say anything about this new HL collection designed by Max Azria (which means Max was up to his knees in fashion -designing 3 or 4 collections this season)? Ok if I have to - It was amazing and and basically a walking advertisement for body con. I'm pretty sure I loved every single look in this collection. Can't say the same for what they've done to Cat McNeil's (middle) hair, though..?

There's something distinctly feminine about an Herve Léger body con dress. It could give any woman curves - assuming she has a body fat percentage of 0.1% or lower, of course. Lol.

Flirty, feminine, fun (with a sexy hint of rock-chick). The triple-F-threat. Loved it. The collection was fairly small, only 18 looks altogether, but it was 100% effective. These three dresses were my favourites. (left) Does this remind anyone else of a Kelly Osbourne outfit? In a good way, of course. (middle) So cute! Spring inspired, but winter appropriate paired with tights. (right) Have you ever seen a prettier LPD (Little Pink Dress, lol)?

Day 4 was definitely a good day, no?



[photos courtesy of style.com]


Gustav said...

You have an eye for beauty...

Romany said...

Well I am a Gemini ;)

alis said...

I found out about Tracy Reese when I saw a "Plenty by Tracy Reese" dress at a store and immediately fell in love with. Not having bought that dress still haunts me.

These are great picks romany, I can imagine them translated to real life. Maybe I like them because I'm a Gemini too :)


Romany said...

Yay for astrology lol!
That's what I like about Tracy Reese - her fashions are not only beautiful, but very wearable.
Thanks for the comment. :)