Monday, 18 February 2008

London - Fall 08 Ready-to-Wear

So I figured, now that it's over, it was high time I did a post on London Fashion Week, right? I've gathered enough looks together to blog about, over the whole course of London FW. There was only four shows that really stood out in my eyes. Not that the others weren't good - of course they were - but these were the ones that really caught my eyes.
Allegra Hicks
Oh, I always knew I would like the Allegra Hicks show, pretty much because I just love the name Allegra. Lol. But onto the fashion - some really gorgeous coats here, these two on the left being the standouts. Especially the one on the far left. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous trench? I can't really say the same for the makeup, though. It was a bit scary, but no matter. (right) Allegra's take on the classic LBD. I can just see this becoming the next big thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love belts, don't get me wrong, and sometimes they are really pivotal to the success of a collection, but to be honest, right now I'm just so sick of them, lol. Am I the only one?

Oh, the use of colour is just inspiring! Honestly, some of the pattern work for this collection is worthy of a 'haute couture' label. But for all the gorgeous, colourful, patterned gowns there was a simple, but bold-in-its-own-way coat. My favourite? The dark magenta of course. But the ruched/flower detail on the taupe trench (second from the right) is really interesting and original.

And, of course, everyone's favourite - Luella. There's a picture making its way around the fashion blogs of Alexa Chung (here from Coco's Tea Party) in an adorable pink Luella dress, which most are positively raving about. Having seen this dress, I thought I'd check out what good ol' Luella is up to these days. I can't understand how it's the same designer. Don't get me wrong, this most recent Luella collection was highly original, and very interesting to look at (practicality is a bit of an issue, though. Lol) But I was very shocked to learn it was designed by the same team.
Anyway - onto this collection. As I said, some highly original looks, as usual. E.g. the first model came out dressed head-to-toe in a modernized version of a witch's costume, hat included. Can't see this trend catching on...It was an entertaining collection, for sure - I love the aesthetics involved in a Luella show.

Vivienne Westwood
Ah, Ms. Westwood. One of the most creative and experimental female designer's of our time. It's always lovely to see Ms. Westwood's collections - a visual feast of creativity, as I like to call it. This season was no disappointment. I got a slight preppy feel from some of the looks (second from the left), which was quite nice to see (I'm always up for a bit of prep). And of course, being a winter collection, there were coats galore. My two favourites here on the far right and far left.
Altogether a very delightful (but with a somewhat absence of colour), yet surprisingly safe collection.

Oh dear, we're already off to Milan. Ah, there is simply not enough time to cover these fashion weeks.
Can't wait for Paris - I just received a free documentary on Karl Lagerfeld with this month's Vogue Australia, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'm excited.



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Kira Fashion said...

i really love the fist bege dress, overcoat and the adds from westwood, wow!

so in love...

a kiss

bigglassesgirl said...

anything with Karl speaking will be brilliant, on so many levels, so I'm sure you're in for a treat.

coco said...

I cannot stand the hair at Allegra Hicks or Luella
the clothes are good but the hair? Gross

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I'm afraid that nothing grabbed me in London this season :-(. Oh well theres always the next round of shows :-)

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