Sunday, 3 February 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Day 3

Writer's block can (and does) strike at the most inconvenient times. Right now being one of them, I've decided to employ the old 'describe the collection or particular outfit pictured in 8 words or less' trick! Today was our first day of classes (back to school, back to school...Lol, Billy Madison), and I'm rather tired so I would say that's what's causing this lapse in creativity.
Unusually, nothing really special - belts, belts & more belts!

Oh, I love Lacoste! Fun, playful, sporty - awesome.

Sari Geuron
New discovery - I like what I see. The red dress is divine.
(whoops, 12 words. Oh well.)

Meh. But I love this particular outfit.

A few of the collections today weren't really my style, and I hope that by expressing that I wasn't coming across as mean. That's never my intention, and I apologize if it came out that way...



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jealoushe said...

Oh, I do love the middle Lacoste outfit! I'm not really a Lacoste girl, but they know how to do the sporty-preppy look so well.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm linking to you on my blog, so congratulations on a blog well done! :D

Secretista said...

Lacoste is very trendy. But, I like it. Too bad it's out of my budjet.

Wendy said...

Great post! I actually really like the Lacoste collection.

Romany said...

Jealouche: wow thanks so much! That's so sweet. :)

I agree with all, the Lacoste was wonderful - they know they're stuff. The scarfs were so cute, and some very creative shoes (far right pic) made an appearance. :)