Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Alice in Wonderland...

As you've probably noticed by now, London Fashion Week updates seem to be lacking a bit over here in 16 Diaries land...This is only because, entering a new (and more difficult) year of school has tightened my schedule - I love London Fashion Week (well, I love all Fashion Weeks) I really do, London probably has some of the most artsy, eclectic designers around and it's a real pleasure viewing their collections. I have still been looking at all the collections, and will definitely blog about any particular one that really catches my eye.
So far, the only thing I've really noticed is another appearance by my new favourite Australian runway model (I never used to like her - I think I do now because I'm not watching her complaining on AusNTM every week anymore. Lol) Alice Burdeu. I couldn't give you an exact run-down of all the shows she's appeared in so far, but as far as I know it's been...
I'm so happy that she's finally making a name for herself internationally. Maybe she'll become the Next Big Thing, maybe she won't - but at least she's finally modelling. I think she's good for runway because she's one of those blank-face models - this type of model doesn't always translate so well to the editorial world, but that's ok, like I said, at least it's all happening, now.
Mini trend update: as we can see from Giles (also shown at other shows such as Oscar de la Renta etc), leopard-print heels are looking to be pretty hot this winter. I like the look of that.



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SICK. said...

a next top model on the high fashion runways ?
that never happens with antm (america's).

& i made the header for mine & zoƫ's blog using just paint :]
i'm not very computer-savvy, so that's all i know how to use.


lovely blog ! :]

Secretista said...


Romany said...

I know what you mean - it's not often that we see Top Model winners actually modelling after they win. So I guess it puts a new spin on the show, now (for me, anyway, lol). Maybe they can actually be successful?
Lol - go paint! Paint is mt best friend on the computer, too, lol!