Monday, 25 February 2008

Never Quench Your Thirst While Blogging...

It's very dangerous to experience an unexplained absence when your part of the blogging world. So I figured I'd use these 5 minutes I have to explain my particular (particularly unfortunate) absence.
A few days ago, almost a week I think, I spilled water on my laptop. From now on, whenever anyone looks up the word stupid in the dictionary, there will be a picture of me right there staring at them.
It was a complete accident, of course. I think I had a glass of water on my desk, right next to my laptop, and I reached over to grab something happened. It wasn't too much, but it was enough to disable my computer, for now at least.
Rest assured (well, I'm assuring myself, really. Lol), I'm sending it to be fixed, and my blog should be back and up and running in no time at all.
I'm so sorry for being out of commission for so long - it really pained me not even being able to say anything, or to explain the situation. I hope I've mended things, even if just a little, with this post. So unfortunately it still means a few more days, maybe even weeks, before regular posting will return.
Just out of curiosity ( and reassurance that I'm not the only one, lol) - has this indescribably annoying situation ever happened to any of you?

To finish off this post, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my personal Best Dressed at this year's much anticipated Academy Awards.
Marion Cotillard -- Heidi Klum
Marion - oh she really is turning into a style icon, isn't she? I don't feel that this picture really does her look justice, because when she got up on stage to accept her Oscar ( whoops, sorry spoiler to anyone who hasn't seen the ceremony yet) she looked positively stunning. Heidi - and of course, the perpetual Best Dressed List topper. Heidi and her shrinking frame outshone even the Hollywood heavyweights, this year. Amongst a sea of black gowns, Heidi Klum emerges draped in shocking red - dressed to kill.



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Secretista said...

Heidi stole the show! WOO!

Daphney said...

Marion Cotillard is gorgeous!!!

Daphney said...

I love your blog, and I read almost all of your past posts.

Deanna said...

ok, we officially have the same exact taste!! i just featured marion's on my site as the hands down best dressed of the night. she looked stunning!

Secretista said...


My roommate did that too. Except, she spilt MILK on her laptop. And, it was A LOT of milk. Like, the laptop was dripping milk. I thought it was funny, but she didn't LOL. She had to use my laptop fr a week as her dad shipped her his old laptop.

Secretista said...

I just realized I already commeted before, but I didn't read the top half of your post.

Fashion Ivy said...

I love Marion dress. Absolutely fanatastic.

Kira Fashion said...

heide is my best!

a kiss

keep in touch!

Romany said...

Milk? Oh my that's a horror story!
I agree - Heidi did steal the show.

When I first saw Jean Paul Gaultier's fall collection, I did like it a lot, but I couldn't ever imagine it being translated onto the red carpet (or anywhere else I suppose). But of course, Marion proved me wrong by showing up to the Oscar's looking stunning!
Thanks all for the comments. It brightens my day. :)

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