Saturday, 9 February 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Day 8

Oh dear, just one more day to go. The final collections of New York Fashion Week Fall 08 are being presented right now as I'm writing this, and I would love to check them out, so my 'reviews' will be kept to a minimum. Lol.
Zac Posen
This collection certainly impressed me more than Zac Posen's past works. So I'm pleased to announce that I've just invited myself into the Zac Posen fan club, if you'll have me, of course.
I especially love the LBD in the middle - it's very Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson (maybe even me, too, one day? Lol). But seriously, what's with the Mickey Mouse hair?

Love, love, love this. It's innocent and flirty, with a naughty, sexy twist. Once again, the Mickey Mouse hair is a little distracting.

Bill Blass
I almost didn't include Bill Blass's collection - I only checked it out at the last minute and I'm pretty glad that I did. There were some truly beautiful pieces being presented here. Both of Cat McNeil's dresses (left and right) are simply gorgeous. And the middle outfit is so impeccably styled and the simplicity of the colours is genius, I just fell in love it.

Calvin Klein
I never expect bold colours, or crazy designs from Calvin Klein, which I believe is a good system because it means he never lets me down. Lol. Without treading unsafe waters, Calvin Klein keeps coming up with smart, simple and chic collections, ever perfect for the office, or that smart-casual party which no one knows what to wear to. Boring? You'd think so, but I like to think of it as...traditional.

Naeem Khan
Beautiful, just beautiful. Not necessarily the whole way through. But when it mattered the most, at least...
I adore the shapely dress on the left...

Another meh collection - which is disappointing because I usually really like Phi. Ever since I saw America Ferrera wearing one of their gowns, I've been an avid fan. But this collection was, like I said, a bit...whatever. Is anyone else getting sick of black skinny belts? Lol.

Vera Wang
I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm not the hugest fan of Vera Wang's Ready-to-Wear. Her bridal creations, on the other hand...Having said that, though, I'm really loving these two looks. I guess they both show the versatility of this collection (that was one plus). The darker more edgy Vera Wang woman, then the softer yet eccentric fashion-conscious woman.

Don't go anywhere. Final NY Fashion Week day coverage coming right up!



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Kira Fashion said...

i really enjoy the looks from NY Fashion Week and you got so many great ones!

a kiss

thanks, always, for posting me !

Secretista said...

I'm sad it's over.

Romany said...

Oh don't worry, there's plenty more to see as far as Fashion Week is concerned.
I'm just compiling a post about the final collections now, so stay tuned.
Oh and Kira, you're always welcome. :)

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