Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Some good old Russh praise...

I've been a little down these past few weeks, mainly because this time tomorrow some very close friends of mine will be leaving for China. A trip which I was this close to going on, but in the end, just couldn't raise the money. It's a two week trip, and I'll miss them like crazy (as well as starting a 'class-overseas-trip' savings account for next time), but I just know they'll have a fabulous time. So to deal with my pre-trip grieving, I decided to flip through my new Russh.
Within the first few pages, I was already feeling better. Since the first time I picked up a Russh magazine (and bought it shortly after), reading it has been like travelling back in time. Or even to another world. A very glamorous one, of course. To this day, Russh, thanks to it's fabulous editors and contributors, manages to defy the stereotypes of fashion magazines, daring to go against the grain.
It's retro, but modern at the same time, displaying and recommending trends a season or so before they become 'it'.
But what I love most about Russh and it's maker's, is their humbleness and quiet confidence.
e.g. While most magazines (don't get me wrong, I still love them), in their 'letters to the editor' section display the letters praising every morsel of an issue, Russh isn't afraid to include the nasty ones. And I mean, the really nasty ones (followed by a snappy comeback from Charlotte, the Ed).
This is just a small feature, but I think it says alot about a magazine.
Anyway, if you're not a regular reader, I highly recommend investing in this glossy wonder!



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