Saturday, 29 September 2007

Milan- Spring Ready To Wear: Day 3

Ah, and so we say farewell to Milan. Who would have thought that in 3 days fashion could have taken such a dramatic turn? Calling all girly-girls: pink is in! Versace and Dsquared have showed us that the 70s are due for a comeback, and, naturally, Emilio Pucci has backed that up (but that's not a surprise, really, is it?)
Can you say roller disco? Love it, Love it, love it. Can't see the one on the left flattering anyone who isn't a size zero, though. Why is the outfit on the right reminding me of Wilma Flintsone? I really love the contrast of this outfit. Top half is sexy retro, bottom half is still sexy retro but adds a safari twist.

(left) More grecian/roman goddess-ness. (right) I really like the cut of this dress. The colour is devine, and it looks like it could be flattering to more than one body shape.


Since when is Rihanna a runway model? She looks great up there. And so, another talent is revealed. (middle) Awesome jacket! Besides the hair and where the belt is sitting, the girl on the right looks so 70s it's blowing my mind.

(left) Practical? Not for anywhere that isn't beachy. Pretty? Yes. (right) Pink rules the world. Deal with it. Lol.

Ok, I don't really know where this could be worn (or what it even is, really), but I do know that it's pink, and makes me want to buy new underwear cos I'm going to be parading it around while I'm wearing this thing everyday!

Emilio Pucci
I really, really love how Emilio Pucci's collections are consistently retro (hot retro, of course). That's all I have to say.

Luisa Beccaria
I've never heard of Luisa Beccaria before, but I was browsing through her (I'm assuming it's a Her, lol) collection and came across this orange dress. Well, every aspect of this picture backs up my 70s-is-back prediction so, of course, I had to include it. This dress on the right is quite pretty, also. In a Prom kind of way. The flower is a cute addition.

Well, there you have it. Milan FW is over. But don't worry, there's always Paris, right?



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