Thursday, 13 September 2007

NY- Spring 08 Ready to Wear: Oscar De La Renta

Oh Oscar, Oscar, Oscar...Why art thou so brilliant? Lol. Actually, having said that, this collection has to be one of his more subdued. Another show with two different themes...

(left) The first of the 'Knit' theme. I love this so much! I would wear this all the time, except the colour would clash with my skin tone. (middle) Cardi's cute. Pants are a bit much. Another one on the 'Knit' category. (right) Simple but pretty. Very well accessorised (that bag is crazy! Lol).

(left) Oh my gosh! I can just see this at the Oscar's! I have to admit, though, the pattern somewhat reminds of a wallpaper? (right) So beautiful...flawless, just flawless.
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