Thursday, 27 September 2007

Milan- Spring Ready To Wear: Day 1

Wow, we're off to Milan already! I accidently completely skipped London Fashion Week, because I just got a new job, and things have been stressful. But there's no point crying over spilled milk, because Milan is going off right now! So far, Milan FW has seen alot of nude colours, mixed with long flowing materials. Belts are still all the rage, and it looks as if Grecian has firmly planted itself on the IT list.
I am absolutely loving Blumarine's use of colour! As you can see, it seemed their motto went a little something like the shorter, the better. So Spring, love it!

Love this. Long, flowing hair would have looked better, though. Why am I getting a very Lauren Conrad vibe from this?

Honestly, I thought this was a rather average collection. I'm used to seeing Missoni use zig-zag patterns and zany colours, as well as keeping it stylish and spohisticated at the same time. But I'm loving the jacket on the left, and the light cardi on the right.

I quite like this one on the left. It's one of those retro-but-modern-at-the-same-time looks. Oh, the only thing I can think of when I see this look on thr right is Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra! Gorgeous...

Giorgio Armani
What is it about Armani? Anything designed under that name seems to turn out as one of the most beautiful things to grace a catwalk.

Bottega Veneta
This collection was just beautiful. I absolutely adore everything about the jacket-dress on the left. The dress on the right, is one of those light, gorgeous, casual dresses that can just be thrown on and make the wearer look dazzling.

Reminds me of one of those old roman portraits, where the women wore dresses similar to this and wore their hair in plaits. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

More of Milan FW soon!
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