Friday, 7 September 2007

NY- Spring 08 Ready to Wear: Karen Walker

There were two significant looks that seemed to keep cropping up in Karen Walker's R-T-W collection, that I really quite liked:
Belted Dresses
One of my favourite trends: the belted dress. It can give even the widest-waisted women a seemingly hourglass figure.

Modern Retro
...or 'MoRet/ModRe' as I like to call it (it'll catch on, you'll see lol). Contemporary fashion but with an undeniable retro quality. These two look like mixtures of retro looks from a few different eras. (left) 80s bad-girl + 50s poodle good-girl + modern biker chic. (right) 70s hippie + 90s bookworm + modern supermodel. That's hot.
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