Saturday, 1 September 2007

Teen Choice Awards 2007 Best Dressed

Ah, there's nothing I love more than a good awards show. The fashion, the music, the humour, the scandals. Anyway, I was mildly impressed by the fashion at the Teen Choice Awards this year. Don't get me wrong, there were some really beautiful outfits on display, but alot of the looks were somewhat...boring. There was a surprising amount of short, strapless dresses, but there was also alot of colour to spice the whole event up, which is always good to see.

(left) Vanessa Hudgens, looking goddess-like in this white maxi dress. (right) I wasn't sure whether or not I liked Miley Cyrus' dress or not, but it looks stunning on her and she was so enthusiastic during the show I just had to give her extra points.

(left) Fergie, one of the reigning Queen's of Fashion, in my eyes. This is a little blah, something we're not used to seeing Fergie in, but it's very flattering all the same. (right) Jessica Alba looked amazing and radiant in this simple, yellow dress (with pockets, as we later found out, lol). Is it just me, or are both of these girls are looking alot slimmer these days?

(left) Audrina and Lauren from the Hills. Audrina's dress is pretty but doesn't seem to be anything special, really. Lauren is wearing a very pretty dress from her debut fashion line. (right) Ooh, Monique Coleman looking gorgeous in this cute, little plaid outfit. I love the colours!

(left) This was the last of Hilary Duff's three outfit changes during the show (this has become a sort of tradition for awards show hosts these days, it seems. Love it). The colours compliment her alot, however, the earrings a bit much. (right) Another short, strapless dress. But Sophia Bush looks stunning in this stripey, figure hugging number. Extremely flattering, lucky girl.

The two 'unsure's of the night. (left) America Ferrerra. I think she's great, but sorry, this is just boring. Flattering, though. (right) I thought Avril Lavigne was all glam and girlie these days? Oh well, she looks ok. I like her skirt (I actually have a similar one), and her necklace. The hair is very occasion-appropriate, I suppose. But I don't really like the shoes. Sorry.

And I just threw these two cuties in for fun. I couldnt help but laugh when, on both of Zac's moments onstage he couldn't get a word in over the screams. The sign of a true Hottie.

Can't wait until next year!



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