Tuesday, 11 September 2007

MTV VMA's 2007: Best Dressed

Ok, so by now we've most likely all heard about the drama's, scandals tears and skimpy outfits that dominated this year's VMA's. From Britney's performance, to Sarah Silverman's "opening speech", to Pam's exes' punch up, to Justin (hottie) Timberlake, there was one thing that was consistently impressive: the fashion! I've never seen a more eye-catching-ly stylish bunch of people than this year's VMA attendants.

(left) Apparently, Ashlee had only just decided on this dress a few days before, after seeing it at the BCBG MaxAzria show. It's to die for! (right) Even if Paris has troubles with her personal life, she still manages to look effortlessly stylish no matter where she is.

(left) Without a doubt, the standout of the night. Rihanna looks simply stunning! (right) Jennifer Garner at the VMA's is pretty random, lol, but who cares? She looks great!

(left) Hayden is a fashion icon in the making. The new Mischa Barton, anyone? (speaking of Miss Mischa, she's been suspiciously absent from the celeb gossip columns of late...?) (right) With an outfit that could have easily made her look, let's say, frumpy, Nelly looked down-right hot! And the hat during her performance was totally cute, an excellent addition.

Mel B. It's great to see her out and about at events like these again. Seriously, I just have to say, she looks amazing! Just a few months after giving birth, Mel is securing her spot on the fashion (and now we'll have to add 'hottie') radar once more. You go girl! Lol.

The show hasn't even been broadcast over here yet (not on regular tv, anyway), so I haven't actually seen it yet. Sorry I couldn't inlcude any gossip, or interesting things from the show. Maybe later...



[photos courtesy of people.com, mtv.com, fabsugar.com and justjared.buzznet.com]

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