Sunday, 16 September 2007

2007 Primetime Emmy Awards: Best Dressed

4 words. Strapless. Empire. Mermaid. Grecian. Those were the four gown styles that dominated the red carpet at this year's Emmy Awards.

The standout of the night. A dress that is this, for want of a better word, all over the place (in a good way, of course) wouldn't flatter a lot of people, but Becki Newton looks positively devine.

(left) The gown itself is a tad boring, but Ellen's jewellery, clutch and hair makes this a definite hit! The hairdo is very daring, and I think she's pulled it off extremely well. (right) Another strapless. Beautiful dress. The way Sandra is carrying herself, plus the dress, is making this all a very Renee Zellweger-ish look. Or is it just me?

(left) Wow! Besides her guest role on the OC, Olivia Wilde has kept a relatively low profile. And now here she is on the Emmy red carpet looking like some sort of European princess. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I have to say, though, I prefer her blonde hair. (right) My gosh, if Christina's pregnancy wasn't well-known by now, I doubt anyone would have been able to guess after seeing her in this gown. She looks glowing and radiant, chanelling Old Hollywood. Valentino: pregnancy secret keeper. Lol.

(left) The Gossip Girl herself. Kristen looks goddess-like in this gown. A silver (or even gold) necklace would have been a pretty addition also. (right) Does Heidi ever look bad? I mean, really? Lol. Another Best Dressed title to add to your collection Heidi.

(left) Despite the fact that this gown makes Hayden look a bit short, she looks gorgeous. The colour goes well with her skin tone, and she's put her hair up (something she doesn't usually do) which just pulls the whole thing together. (right) A tad plain-jane, but very pretty all the same. Mariska sticks to traditional (easy, in other words lol) black and looks fab!

Overall, a very beautiful night of fashion.
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