Monday, 10 September 2007

NY- Spring 08 Ready to Wear: Ralph Lauren and Tracy Reese

Ralph Lauren is an undeniable fashion genius. His was my favourite R-T-W collection, but then again I've always loved his designs. I tried my best to narrow my favourite looks down to four...

Oh, I'm loving the big hats! I told you it would catch on, lol. These two are gorgeous...simply gorgeous. Absolutely faultless. They both work really well with the layout and the backdrop of the show too.

(left) Plain, but pretty. Simple, but stunning...Only Ralph Lauren, right? Lol. (right) I'm not entirely sure Agyness works this dress to its full potential, but the dress itself is just so cute. The little hat isn't too bad either, lol.
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As I was checking out the first half of Tracy Reese's R-T-W collection, I immediately said to myself 'hello, Chanel circa 1999!', but honestly I was quite surprised with this lot. I've never even heard of Tracy Reese before, but I'll definitely be paying a lot more attention to her now.

These outfits are so pretty! (left) Very sexy, in an office-attire sort of way. (middle) Beachy fun! (right) I love this colour! And that belt is just to die for.

Lol, it sort of looks like these two are holding hands...? (left) 40s chic. Yay, more big hats! (right) I cannot fault this one...simply perfect.

Devine....just devine. But the shoes have got to go, sorry.
I'm loving the bling in this collection! Long necklaces with bold pendants are always very striking.
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