Friday, 30 November 2007

Fringe Benefits

If someone asked me what the most popular beauty trend of 2007 was (well, is, the year isn't over just yet), I wouldn't even stop to think before saying "bangs". Which is quite funny, because here in Australia we don't even call them bangs, but they're so everywhere, especially beauty blogs from the US, that you can't help but get caught up in the hype!
The latest starlet to get the chop (the very fashionable chop, of course) is Katie Holmes. I don't know about everyone else, but I think she looks simply stunning. Sophisticated, young and effortlessly chic. Liv Tyler is another celebutante joining the Bang-ed Beauties. So cute.

When Nelly Furtado made her amazing comeback last year with her now five-times platinum album Loose, she was catchier, hotter and more stylish than ever. A little while later she started sporting blunt bangs, which all but added to her appeal. It's her best look, in my opinion. Penelope is another recent addition to the bangs crew. How does she get her hair so shiny??

Ah, Kate Moss. Whatever she does, the fashion world follows...sounds like a fault on our part, doesn't it? But you just can't help but be in awe of darling Kate's impeccable style. So when Miss Moss debuted her new chopped 'do, we just new that bangs were 'It' as far as hairstyles go.

And of course, when discussing a fringe one can never go past Anna Wintour. I've heard she's been wearing her hair this way since she was 14. Wow, now that's commitment. Chances are, when a celeb goes to her hairstylist for the big chop, she holds up a picture of Anna and says "I want to look like her!" Will she ever change? I certainly hope not, a trademark is far more powerful than it's given credit for.
So if you're in need of bangs-inspiration, I hope I've helped you out, even a little.



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KreativeMix said...

Nice!! I love healthy full bangs

*Romany* said...

Thanks, me too! :-)