Wednesday, 28 November 2007

What Time Is It? Summer Time!

...yes, that was a High School Musical 2 lyric. But I'm not ashamed. :-)

It's November 28 and I (as well as more than 40 million other people living south of the equator) have only 2 days to get ready for summer, as it starts on December 1st. Do you realise the intensity of this situation? All those extra slices of bread and yogurt snacks I've consumed over the winter months to heat up my body (yes, that'll do...) have taken their toll and now it's time to slip into the old 'inspirational' short-shorts and get into shape. And what better way to beat the bulge than with a gaggle of my closest girlfriends? That's right...we're joining a gym.
Are you sure about that, you ask? Well, to be honest, I've thought about joining a gym for a long time, but annoying obstacles keep making their way in front of my dream dress size, such as:
  • Price (most gyms cost more than $40, and that's just a joining fee)
  • Accessibility (finding a gym that's an equal distance from each of our houses has been tougher than it sounds)
  • Availability (when I'm free, someone else isn't, and on and on it goes)
  • Self consciousness (unless it's a women-only gym, jogging on a treadmill letting all my extra baggage bounce free to its heart's desire in front of buff, good looking men hasn't exactly held much appeal)
But I've decided, summer's coming and it's time to swallow my pride (not extra food) and get moving...literally.
I've never officially been to a proper gym, but anyone who, like me, loves exercise should definitely give it a go. Get a bunch of your girl/boyfriends together and get those butts moving!
Need inspiration?

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!

Good luck!



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