Friday, 2 November 2007

High School Trendspotting: Skinny Jeans and Bright Flats

Now this is an FT I've always wanted to be able to pull off. But I was blessed with fairly big thighs and wide hips, and considering I'm not Jennifer Lopez (the only curvy woman who skinny jeans, not to mention high-waisted skinny jeans, flatter), they don't exactly look hot on me. But, no matter, fashion is fleeting as they say.

These are the exact type of jeans featured in this FT. This particular style is the Levi's -- 509 Genevieve jean.
Best to buy somewhat long ones, to achieve the ruching on the bottom of the legs. I see them in mainly this medium-light colour, but can also be worn in a darker colour (if opting for black, make sure jeans are skintight. If they are somewhat loose, it can look sloppy). But like all FT's it's open to interpretation.
Oh, I love these shoes (Zu -- Heaven Sent shoe)! I think I might go shopping on Monday and pick up a pair of these for myself. Anyway, these are another perfect example of what's exactly featured in this FT (wow, I picked well this time. Lol). The flats are almost always embellished with a belt over the toe (usually when gold or silver in colour), or if not, they're peep-toe style (often seen in red or yellow). Peep-toe shoes make my feet look weird, so I usually opt for closed-toe styles.
So hot.
Clue for next FT post: pajama party...


p.s. Happy Halloween! If you're yet to have a Halloween celebration and are looking for inspiration for costumes, then look no further than Chic Stories! This blog features a fashionable compilation of what all the stars were wearing to their Halloween parties (among plenty of other stylish posts), to help you choose.

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