Friday, 2 November 2007

Once Upon A Dream...

To all those lucky enough to live in New York: I will be joining you one day.
I have never been to New York, but of all the places I'm making it my business to live in at some point, New York is number one. My love of New York started not too long ago, and only intensified whilst watching movies like the Devil Wears Prada, and TV shows like Sex and the City. And the fashion, oh the fashion...
New York's famous Broadway District.

Right now, it's around about the time when all the 2008 calendars are popping up everywhere, and guess what kind I look for...? That's right. I've always had this idea of making my own New York calendar, because all the current ones don't exactly portray New York in the ways I most love. One of these such ways is New York at Christmas time. I cannot think of a more beautiful landscape image.

New York's even more famous Central Park.

I'm a big believer of that old 'if you wish for something hard enough, eventually it will come your way'. I use it for many things, and living in New York (or even just a visit to NYC) is among them. It seems to go hand in hand with my other dream of working for a fashion magazine, most of which are created in the offices residing in NYC. It will all work out, you'll see...



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Cheese said...


Live your dream.


*Romany* said...

Lol, I'll try.
Thanks :-)