Friday, 30 November 2007

High School Trendspotting: White Shirts with Belts

This is a fairly new FT that I've been meaning to write about for months, but never really got round to it. I first noticed it on a very fashionable friend of mine, and soon others followed suit (no pun intended. Lol). It can be an extremely flattering look, giving an air of laid-back, relaxed chic meets office butterfly. This isn't usually the style of white shirt that's used (I've only ever seen shirts with buttons, and no in-built white belts), but as I always say, fashion is open to interpretation. You wouldn't believe how blank your mind goes when you need to think of brands that stock white shirts. Lol. To be honest, I think oversized shirts look better in this particular trend.
Hoorah I found the exact belt that's used (almost every time)! This particular one is called a Corset Belt, pretty much speaks for itself, no? Corset Belts work quite well, in that they are very flattering, often adding waist definition where there was none to begin with. Brown is the preferred belt colour with white shirts, it flows better. Black could work, I suppose, but in the end might look too harsh.
Clue for next FT post: who wears short shorts?



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sakurako-chan said...

cute blog ^^
i'm more into korean/japanese/chinese fashion though XD
have you seen this??
ideal school shirt ^^ i like white shirts with black embroidery/cuffs/collar/buttons/tie <3