Friday, 30 November 2007

Oh Tara, Tara, Tara...

Speaking of getting into shape...despite the odd bikini shot here and there, Tara Reid has been keeping a relatively low profile these days. So you can imagine my surprise when these shots started making their way around gossip blogs earlier this week.

This photo has been scaled down a little, but even when full size it's still just as shocking. Is it just me or has Tara Reid lost a lot of weight? The knit top she's wearing is rather unflattering, so I daresay that when wearing clothes that fit better she may even look thinner?
She's definitely been slimming down this year...
Tara Reid in Feb 07

Tara Reid in July 06

Compared to last year, Tara has definitely lost some weight. Whether she's been doing it the healthy eating and exercise way or the drugs, cigarettes and alcohol way remains a mystery...
She's looking pretty good though, I have to say.



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