Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dreamin' of a White Wedding...

I'm dreamin' of a white...Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know...
Sorry that just got stuck in my head.
Anyway, I was looking over my shameful collection of celebrity gossip magazines (the shame is in the amount, not the content, of course), and realised that I completely forgot to blog about WHO magazine's Celebrity Weddings Special 2007 from last week.
This is my favourite annual issue, I've bought it for 4 or 5 years in a row now. Tom and Katie's wedding made the cover this year (yes it was last year, but it happened after last year's Weddings issue was printed) and for good reason. From the pictures and word of mouth (and not to mention the hype, my god!) I'm guessing it was a pretty special day. It was probably the most beautiful, along with Erica Baxter and James Packer's wedding. Elizabeth Hurley's was in there as well, I'm so happy for her. The others included were: Ricki-Lee Coulter (I didn't even know she got married); Natalie Gruzlewski; Zoe Naylor; Eva Longoria; Laila Ali; Mark Burnett; Kate Walsh; Ioan Gruffudd; Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott; as well as a few Australian sports stars. But the wedding I enjoyed hearing about the most this year was most definitely Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell's! They seem so happy together, I just love them as a couple.
I love weddings, I really just love weddings. I would totally be a wedding planner or something along those lines, but it would let my controlling personality run wild more than what's healthy.
Anyway, so I thought while we're on the topic of weddings I might write about my 3 favourite bridal gown designers. Number 3:
Alvina Valenta
I put Alvina at number three because, as much as I love her (her being Victoria McMillan, the designer) gowns, I think I love the way they're photographed more. But, gosh Rosie Huntington just looks stunning doesn't she? Number 2:
Monique Lhuillier
Now Monique's (last name pronounced Lool-yay) designs I adore. I would die if I could wear a design of hers at my wedding, whenever that will be...some day. But there's still Number 1:
Justina McCaffrey
For some reason, I feel a certain loyalty towards Justina. I love her designs beyond belief, but perhaps it's the fact that she was the first bridal designer I ever saw the designs the of. Either way, her designs will always be my number one.

Which are your favourites? Or, got any others to add? :-)



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