Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Hills Season 3

The girls (and their guys) from MTV's 'The Hills' are back, and better than ever!

Episode one was filled with as much drama as a Desperate Housewives finale, with Lauren and her crew distancing themselves from Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer, after Lauren suspects them of spreading nasty rumours about her and Jason making a sex tape.
Audrina is Lauren's new roomate and she's loving it. Whitney got promoted and is now the Head of Interns, at TeenVogue. Heidi and Spencer threw themselves a housewarming party...but Lauren, Audrina and Whitney didn't show. Heidi has no idea what's going on, or why Lauren is so mad at her. But is it just an act? Did Heidi and Spencer really spread those nasty rumours, or is there some serious foul play going on here?

Honestly this show is so addictive. It's amazing to think that Lauren started her reality tv career as LC back in 2004, on MTV's 'Laguna Beach' (just finished it's third season...equally, if not more, addictive).
If you're not a fan already, simply go The Hills website (where you can watch all the way from season 1 to last week's episode), and you soon will be.
Season 3 is now playing on MTV.

Don't get too addicted. ;-)



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